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A Gift Guide For The Camper In Your Life

I'm baaaaaaaack with another gift guide for your holiday shopping. Take it from me, some family members and friends are so hard to buy for! Not to mention when you are trying to stick to a budget. We have several camping-obsessed friends and family members, ourselves included, that you would think Christmas shopping would be a quick and easy google search of "what to buy for campers" and done. WRONG! Every camper will tell you that the key to successful camping is to PACK LIGHT and the more hardcore campers are extremely picky about their gear! So when we try to shower campers with unnecessarily large and bulky gifts, chances are, that gift may not get much use. This guide is definitely more for the luxury camper with a few items that will also be loved by the more primitive camper as well! However, gifts for ALL campers' homes can be loved and appreciated just as much too. Also keep your RV friends in mind. RV life is a little more flexible than tent life. You have a home on wheels with storage and some luxuries. So, grab a cup of Joe and scroll through this list of unique camper-loving gifts.

Gift Cards With a Twist!

Never give a gift card alone. Make it special! Pair it with a "camping" ornament or with a travel mug like the one I have listed further down the list. Great gift cards for campers can span from gas stations to Dick's Sporting Goods. Gas to get where they are going and a sporting goods store for their own shopping to be done before a big campout! Pair a visa gift card that can be used mostly anywhere with a personalized fire started. There are several that can be found on etsy. Another option for a gift card pairing can be a card along with thermal warm camping socks that can be found on Amazon like these:

The Lightweight Travel Mug:

We all love an insulated travel cup but the large metal ones, that literally everyone owns now, are sometimes just not practical for camping. Don't get me wrong, I own like 12 but they can weigh you down while camping. I am in love with the PopTheFizz reusable custom cups on etsy. Not only are they unique and stylish, they are lightweight and practical. Have it customized for a great gift idea for that special someone who is always on the go, whether it be while planning their next trip or in the great outdoors. Want to know where these would REALLY shine? Camping at the Fort Wilderness Lodge at Walt Disney World. Picture it: Instagram golden photos with these cups and the character campfire sing along and outdoor movie nights as your backdrop: Swoon. Visit and use discount code ALFORD at check out to save 10% now until Christmas day 2019. And follow their business on Instagram at POPTHEFIZZSHOP to keep up to date on all of their latest designs. Though I do love using my PopTheFizz wine tumbler while RV camping and sipping Pinot by a campfire, these reusable travel cups really are great gifts for ANYONE! Cheers!

Dancing around the campfire at Walt Disney World's Fort Wilderness Lodge

Speaking of campfires...

What does every single camper have to have? Clothes. Its a surefire way to nail it when it comes to "what do I get so and so". This being a Christmas gift guide, I highly recommend this adorable and cozy sweatshirt at It's light enough to be layered with other clothes yet still provides warmth. I know a few peeps in my circle who will be getting one of these. PROTIP: Pair this "campfire shirt" with a bag of marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate... YAAAAASSS.

Stay clean, my friends:

Even while RV camping, I like to visit the RV park showers sometimes (if they clean and fancy) due to most RV showers being on the crowded side. For this reason, I am loving this "Pocket Soap" I found on etsy! Visit for a set of these one and done (several are included in your purchase) soaps. Just grab one from the tin can that it comes in and put it in your pocket and head to where the water is. This is especially practical for backpackers and tent campers! These also make great stocking stuffers! Follow this shop on Instagram @treefortnaturals to stay up to date on all of their products. Pair this with a compact outdoor heated shower system to add an extra wow to that gift giving experience.

Let's get fancy for a minute.

Ok ok, maybe not for the tent campers, but 100% for that RV life! This wine and charcuterie portable table can be folded down to save space and with its personalization option, it is the cutest gift for any outdoor lover. I have the perfect couple in mind for this unique gift this Christmas! Visit to order one today!

Another mug? Nope...

If you follow me on Instagram or you've read my previous blog posts, you know that I love a good mug. Do you know what my husband loves? A good candle. No joke. He LOVES candles. LOL! What do we BOTH love? Camping. What does that equal? CANDLE MUGS! Yes, it is so genius. No, I did not know about these. Visit for the cutest candle mugs. The scent, South|Smoke and Ash was actually inspired by Savannah GA (my birthplace) by the owners of this shop! Once the candle has burned down completely, wash them up and take them camping! Sign me up and take my money. This gift if just too perfect for Garrett and I. Really.

Take a piece of the outdoors with you everywhere you go.

I am in love with this minimalist style pine tree ring. Even the tent camper or backpacker can take this with them wherever they go. To order yours, I mean... your loved one's, visit

Where to next?

This next gift is so cool and unique that you may be buying multiple ones this christmas. The National Park Map Scratch Off poster is the perfect gift for any traveler but the avid camper and/or outdoors person will more than likely visit so many of these parks in their lifetime. Visit to place an order and explore the rest of this shop for other scratch off poster options.

What's for dinner?

Cooking and camping can be tricky. Not only do you have to have a source of heat to cook on, you desperately want the luxury of having all of the kitchen necessities at your fingertips. That can be very impractical while backpacking. This all in one cookware set makes life easier for having a delicious meal in the middle of no where. Pair this with a seasoning kit to take your gift to the next level. This one on Etsy is compact and includes all of the basics:

Hope you enjoyed this gift guide. I absolutely love Christmas shopping. Gift giving is so much more rewarding than receiving, especially when so much thought and care is put into your gifting. If you are still having trouble on which gift to choose for what camper from this list, remember, “Always let your conscience be your guide.” Happy shopping folks!

The Adventurous Alfords

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