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Experience Gift Guide

We are definitely living in a time where minimalism is becoming increasingly popular. More and more people are downsizing and decluttering their lives. So when birthdays and holidays come around, and gift giving ideas start being thrown about, many of us ask ourselves what we can gift someone without adding clutter to that person’s life. My kids always get loads of toys from their grandparents and other family members, and I absolutely love that. But it does not leave a lot of room for me and my husband to gift toys to them as well. There just isn’t the space and definitely not enough time in our lives to give so many toys attention. So where does that leave us? EXPERIENCES!

Listed below are several gifts that you can give, not only to your kids, but to other friends and family as well.


My brother and sister-in-law gave me this idea. Their son fell in love with the local children’s museum so much that they bought him a membership. They take him quite often and it is the highlight of his day whenever they go. A membership does not have to be limited to just a museum. This can be to a zoo or even an aquarium. Watch them enjoy it throughout the entire year while also making leaps and their growth and development.


of course this does not have to be to any of the larger and more expensive parks, though I’m sure that’s an idea for some as well. Think of some of the smaller parks close to where you live or close to where you travel to throughout the year. Smaller amusement parks, water parks, etc. It’s also another gift that continues to bring joy and fun to those who receive it all year long.

Click here to check out Dollywood amusement park season pass prices.


If someone you love travels often or has always dreamed of going somewhere that requires flight, consider an airline gift certificate. This could be the gift that encourages someone to take that trip and to make those lifetime memories.

Click here to learn more about Delta gift certificates.


Consider supporting one of your local privately owned Bed & Breakfasts in your area, if there are any, by purchasing a gift certificate to one. Or maybe a larger hotel that has fantastic amenities. You can even purchase a major chain hotel gift certificate that can be used at any of their locations throughout the world. Local or not, my kids’ most favorite thing to do is to visit a hotel. In my opinion, this is an awesome gift for just about anyone on your list.


Giving a gift, while also helping a small business, is double the joy received, while also doing a good deed. Reach out to your local restaurants, and see who is offering gift certificates. If the gift is specifically for a child, consider a game arcade or bowling alley establishment that also offers food.


Know a mom or dad who could use a night out? Or a close friend that you would love to catch up with? Wine tasting certificates are loads of fun! The Georgia tasting room


Nothing says “I think you deserve so much” like a gift certificate to a local spa. These gifts are great for men, women, and even a little kiddo who may want to get their first pedicure!

Click here for one of my favorite spas in Savannah.


Not sure about where you‘re from, but my hometown of Savannah Georgia is busting at the seams with so many fun tours! Shopping, ghosts, food, escape rooms… you name it, there is a tour for it in our city. Consider purchasing a certificate for one of these as a gift for someone in your life. See below for some links to a few of my favorite.


Look up your loved ones favorite music artist, and check to see if they have any tour dates that will be coming near to the one you are gifting to. Sometimes this can be a longshot but it is definitely worth looking into.


Growing up, we loved going to our state’s NFL games. The energy, entertainment, and memories made were definitely worth the money. Buying a ticket to a professional game near your recipient, is a fantastic idea for the sports enthusiast in your life.


Classes are never fun taken alone, but buying a class for yourself and someone special, to a class that teaches you a new skill, is full of potential fun. This does not have to be limited to cooking. There are paint classes, woodshop classes, and more! Treat yourself, along with a loved one, and be sure to go together.

Click here for a great cooking class in Savannah GA.


Sometimes you can have a conversation, well before Christmas, about substituting traditional gifts for a family trip instead. If everyone is on board, you can all put Christmas shopping money towards a memorable vacation that you take together instead of towards frivolous, material things.

I hope this helps take some of that holiday gift giving pressure off of you. Let me know in the comments below if there are other experience gifts you have received or given over the years!


The Adventurous Alfords

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