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Summer Fun With Kids

Oh the daunting question of "how to entertain the kids during summer" question arises once again... What to do, what to do? Well, most child care plans that parents have made, include activities for the kiddos during the day. But wether you are a working parent in the home or out of the home, you need to get in on some of that summer fun too, am I right? Let's put together a list of fun activities you can do with your little ones, at least once a week (if not more) during the summer!

Summer movie specials

Look up your local movie theater for some awesome summer deals. For example; Ours is offering $2 movies on Tuesday each week during summer. Check out the Mars and Royal Cinema Pooler summer movie line up!

A Children's Museum

Just about every one has a museum of some sort, within an hour parameter. If the one near you is a bit on the young side, step it up by looking into a trampoline or go-cart park. Two parks that my 9 year old loves near us include Defy and Exhilarate

A Water Park

This can be pricey but also look into annual passes to save money if this is something you may do more than once this summer. The one nearest to us that our kids love is Splash in the Boro If a water park is financially out of the question, there are public parks that sometimes have ground splash spouts that the kids will love running through. In Savannah, City Market and Plant River Side have such.

Art Cafés

Speaking of Savannah, we have a sweet art café called Henny Penny, that serves coffee and delicious food. Order a beverage and pay a small fee for a kit to give your child and watch them create art while you sip and relax in this fantastic atmosphere.

Water Sports

It is not very hard to find a lagoon, pond, or creek where we live. Get the family together and either take your own or rent some kayaks or paddle boards, and take the kids on a fun adventure. Savannah Canoe and Kayak offer half day tours that start for less than $70!


Bowling can be so much fun. Most bowling allies serve food and drinks as well, so make it a luncheon date for you and the fam! Our bowling spot is definitely Frames and Games of Pooler.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Need to fight boredom for the kids while you knock out some laundry? Or want to take a leisurely walk with some added fun? Make a scavenger hunt! I absolutely love this one for camping but can be done pretty much anywhere, even in the city. This was always my dad's go to during our summers with him. Even as teenagers, we would take off into our woods with a list that he had made for us and spend hours competing on who could find the most of his list.

Tie Dye and Hydrodipping

Amazon and Walmart has dozens of Tie Dye kits. But go beyond the white t-shirt... Dye sheets, socks, and even tea towels. Enough tie dye already, well you may have all the supplies you need in your garage or tool shed to try hydrodipping! We did this a couple of months ago with several of Roman's nerf guns and they turned out so cool! Here's a tutorial from a guy who did a pair of shoes.

I know keeping kids engaged and occupied from sun up to sun down, every single day of break can be a challenge, so feel free to use this list of fun for a guide through an exciting and entertaining summer, but remember that we can't have fun and be entertained all day every day so check out this summer chores check list as well! Pro tip: print and laminate. Then use a dry erase marker to make checks and erase at the start of each new day.


The Adventurous Alfords

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