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The 2020 Adventurous Gift Guide

"Here comes Amazon, here comes Amazon, right down my driveway..." You sang that, didn't you? It's that time of year again and though a virtual life, due to Covid, is not what we wanted for our 2020, it is a part of all of our reality right now. I have to admit, online Christmas shopping is nothing new to me. Something about being cozied up in my bed with a glass of wine and shopping dozens of stores in the comfort of my own home is just so dreamy. I also LOVE gift giving, it's my favorite. Obviously, our family is all about adventure and making memories so my gift giving is usually themed with such. Zoo tickets, theme park gift cards, and travel gear are always my go to for the adventurers in our lives but not everyone can, or even wants to hit the road at every given opportunity so I have compiled an amazing gift guide for the adventurous and the not so adventurous, so that everyone can have adventure brought to them in some way. So I hope you are wearing your comfiest Pj's and you have a large glass of wine or a piping hot cup of cocoa, because here... we... go.

The Hydro flask.

Take your water (or beverage of choice) on the go in style and in complete insulation. This is the Rolls Royce of water bottles. The durability puts it on this list. Shop different sizes and colors to fit your style here.

United By Blue travel bag.

All of my readers know that I am constantly reviewing travel bags on our adventures. But this bag makes the 2020 list for its Philanthropy. Every bag sold, removes one pound of garbage from waterways. This gift is not only practical but it also gives back and any recipient will love that bonus gift. Order yours here.


I feel like every family needs a GoPro. These light-weight, durable, waterproof (with case) cameras are perfect for documenting all of your adventures along with views from your kids' own vantage point, something we were never able to do with the old fashioned family camcorders. Hand it off to your littles and let them document the world around them. Order yours here, and don't forget to add on some fun accessories.

An iPhone/camera Tripod.

In the good ole days, before Covid, I would ask a stranger to take our family photo in front of something cool, but now, that is not the best idea. So everyone on the go needs a durable and mountable tripod to get those great family shots that everyone can be in. Yours can be ordered here.

Airbnb gift cards.

Usually the most expensive part of travel is where you end up laying your head at night. With thousands of choices on Airbnb, the possibilities are endless. So give the gift of vacation and adventure by giving a gift card/certificate to Airbnb.

State/country necklace.

I love "State" necklaces but the wire crafting of these ones, in particular, give it a unique twist, no pun intended. Contact this shop to collaborate the perfect necklace for the perfect recipient.

Shutterfly gift cards.

Every traveler documents their adventures with photos. A gift card to a photo printing company is a fantastic gift for just about anyone. And if you have a local printing company in your community, consider stopping in and purchasing a gift card from them to support small businesses.

A miniature and portable bonfire.

I absolutely love the back story to this product. Two dads, impacted by Covid19, started up this small business. You can take this mini bonfire with you wherever you go; the beach, camping, picnicking, or even bring it out for a spontaneous s'mores night at home. Their website offers a s'mores gift set option you can purchase as well. If you want to buy the City Bonfire, sans s'mores kit, at least consider pairing it with a set of fire pit skewers like these.

A Laundry kit for the hiker, camper, outdoorsman/woman in your life.

For camping and hiking life, nothing is better than clean underwear and clean socks, amiright? This unique gift will bring absolute practicality, along with a little chuckle. Order yours here.

Skyroam Wifi.

This gift is SO important to the avid and frequent traveler. The one that stays off the beaten path and on the roads less traveled. It's for remote locations or locations with spotty, if any, wifi. Take wifi with you everywhere you go. Order yours here.

Lightweight/water resistant portable speaker.

Whether its for the beach, floating down a spring, or just to have your tunes as background adventure music on your hike, music can make any vacation feel epic on a new level. This is the perfect gift for anyone, especially travel junkies. This is the one that I own and love so much!

Silicone waterproof shoe covers.

Nothing is more miserable than wet feet when you are trying to explore and have a great time. While traveling, the unexpected can and most likely happen. You pack light and then you get soaked by an unexpected downpour. No extra sneakers. This is especially true at theme parks. Everyone needs waterproof shoe covers! These are a vacation staple for each person in your family and make for cool stocking stuffers as well. Keep a pair in your vehicle's glove box and never get caught with wet feet on a rainy day again.

An at home luxury experience.

Bring the luxury of boutique hotels to your loved one's very own bathroom, by gifting this tub tray. This brings an experience home to someone who may not like to travel or even leave their house, for that matter. Pair this with a Kindle or a great book to take your gift up a notch.

A garment-duffle bag.

I absolutely love a good garment bag. Coats and dressier clothes make it to your destination looking fresh and ready. Turn that garment bag into a duffle/toiletry combo bag and you can just go ahead and take my money. This one is stylish and practical, my favorite combination for all travel accessories.

Twinning adventurers!

Matching adventurous T-shirts make the perfect gift for yourself and your travel buddy! Pair this gift with a gift certificate to a local tour that is offered in your hometown for the gift that you BOTH can enjoy! One of my favorite tours in Savannah, GA is Sip n' Shop Tours.Order your matching tees here.


Yes, soap. Showers/baths are the most relaxing part of most people's day. Body wash and such, surge in sales this time of year so why not trust a good thing with years of proven demand? This year, we have the most unique soaps to gift our friends and family with. On our adventure to Enchanted Acres Airbnb, we fell in love with the owner's goats. Through our blog, we were connected with another goat owner that actually delivered some of her previous goats to that very Airbnb. And just like that, we learned about Mary's goat milk soap company, Hansen Soapery. Trust me when I say, the fragrance is amazing and I can not wait to share the back story with the recipients that we gift these too. Again, pair the soap with a monogrammed soap dish and/or a candle for an impressive and cozy gift basket.

A personalized ornament or a painted family portrait.

Send your favorite (possibly one from a vacation) photo to and give such a personalized gift, that your loved one's will be talking about it for years to come.

An entire mini getaway!

That's right, a trip. It is way more affordable than you think and it can be unlike anything you have ever experienced. I have put together a small, but unique trip in Williston, Florida for you here. Follow all of the following links to book and reserve everything you need. Print each receipt out and wrap them in a box with a bow. Click here for your stay that is nothing less of glamping. Visit the Devil's Den for a snorkel or dive adventure. Just 30 minutes south of Williston is a company that offers tubing, paddle boarding, and kayaking on the Rainbow River. You can spend your last day on your way home doing a food crawl in Gainesville. Click here for a fellow blogger's foodie recommendations. Add a quirky float to your gift box for your loved one and watch them try to figure out what they are receiving.

I hope your Christmas shopping is smooth and painless. Remember that the most cherished gift is the time spent together. Hold your loved ones tight, remember the reason for the season, and have a cup of cheer. Cheers.

The Adventurous Alfords

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