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Titusville Florida

Why Titusville Florida?

Let's start with the why. It's mostly the locals to Titusville FL who know what a great thing they have. Unless you are a native, local, or avid Florida traveler, you may have not heard of its quaintness and hidden gems. It's actually considered a "historical" town, rich with an interesting history to learn about. But in all honesty, the only thing that had originally drawn our family to Titusville was one of the world's very few and large bioluminescent lagoons, located in a nearby refuge. BK Adventures, which I will tell you more about in a moment, was a tour that my son was anxious to experience before Covid19 happened. Due to that pandemic, BK Adventures allowed us to reschedule at a later time. Fast forward to June. We pulled into Titusville, a small town, only to pass by in the night as we stopped for our tour. A tropical storm was passing through and the waters were quite unsafe for rafting and the decision was made to take a raincheck. I did not know if the opportunity would come back to us visiting Titusville again and then, as fate would have it, our fall break was left unscheduled and we were ready for another taste of adventure. After calling BK Adventures and asking if a last minute tour for our family would be possible, we were ecstatic to learn that they had an opening. The next order of business was to find a place to stay. Enter Enchanted Acres Ranch...

Along with so many bookings and cancelations, I had accumulated quite the line of credit with Airbnb thanks to the Coronavirus. As I scrolled through the very limited amount of listings for Titusville, I stumbled across the most charming and rustic cabin located on a farm, of sorts, called Enchanted Acres. The price was perfect and the stay appeared unique so I booked it. I would like to remind our readers that The Adventurous Alfords are outdoor loving, camping obsessed, nature seeking, low maintenance travelers. The cabin we stayed in was definitely a "glamping" level on the rustic spectrum. And with a small kitchen area, we decided to keep it a more camping style trip by bringing most of our own food for two days. Listed below are the essentials that kept us perfectly content at the ranch for our stay. Of course this list is for money saving purposes or for the ones who wish not to leave the cabin for the weekend. But trust me, there are plenty of amazing eateries in Titusville if you choose to venture out.

We ate out twice over the weekend. We were able to condense all of these into smaller containers to fit in the minifridge.

Enchanted Acres Ranch

Upon arriving at your Airbnb destination, you will come face to face with a small black iron and brick gate that really does invite you in to leave the world behind you. We met Jeff and Kristal soon after arriving since they work the ranch during the day. All measures were taken to make us feel at home and welcomed. We were given a quick history lesson of Enchanted Ares. Turns out, it was once a zoo and after closing, Jeff and Kristal bought the property, essentially for their beloved fur-babies and fixed up the three existing buildings on the property and turn them into Airbnb listings as to possibly share their small piece of heaven with others. One of the three buildings is split into two private rentals that each have their own private access. This building is your more traditional home which I would recommend for families with smaller children. The larger of the two cabins, is located on the back of the property and is considered a bit more "off-grid". With no wifi, and a television only upon request, guests are offered a unique opportunity to unplug and really connect with loved ones and nature. The smaller cabin that we stayed in was great for our family of four. However, I do not recommend this cabin for smaller children. We ended up moving the large mattress from the loft to the floor to ensure that our little sleep walking, Fallon, did not take a tumble. In the mornings, weather permitting, the property owners come to tend to all of their animals that include several Nigerian dwarf goats, multiple miniature horses, a few full sized horses including one rescue horse. These animals are well loved and tended to, so be sure to walk the grounds and say hello but don't forget to share some apple slices with the horses. The miniature horses love baby carrots and the goats prefer plain Cheerios as a special treat. Be sure to respect their territory when you are treating them to a snack by staying out of their pens and only feeding them through the fence. Jeff and/or Kristal are often working on the property and can bring the animals out of their pens to give you a more up close encounter. This incredibly unique experience books up quickly and without warning. If you see availability, book as soon as you can. I highly recommend getting the whole family together to book all four listings at once for an unforgettable weekend with the entire crew! Visit this Airbnb link for the Enchanted Acres Ranch listings. The following link is a referral from myself. Earn money off your bookings by using it.

BK Adventures

First of all, a huge shout out to BK for hosting us for this incredible night under the stars. Bioluminescence is emission of light by a living organism. In the Indian River Lagoon in the Merritt Wildlife refuge, about a 45 minute drive from Enchanted Acres (distance is due to the vast size of the refuge), is an amazing display of bioluminescence on a dark night. The timing that you book this tour for is quite important. June through October are the best times to see optimal bioluminescence. It's also wise to pay attention to the moon phase for when you book. The darker, the better so booking farthest away from a full moon is best. The raft tour is more suitable for families with smaller children or people who are not comfortable with kayaking. If the tour is only for adults, I highly recommend the clear kayak tour. You are much more likely to enjoy a better view of all of the glowing wonders that are in the lagoon. Roman was able to hang over the side of our raft and move his hand through the water to see dozens of comb jellyfish sparkle and light up in his hand. The sky from the moon phase gave our group an incredible view of Jupiter, Saturn, AND Mars! with only a single cloud covering the moon and the rest of the sky being crystal clear, we were able to see trillions of stars above us and still enjoy the wonderment of the water below us. My biggest piece of advise is to bring bug spray and some cash. Your guide will educate you while helping navigate the raft through the lagoon so tips are much appreciated, though not required. It is also fun to bring an empty water bottle. Fill it with some of the lagoon water during your tour for a closer look at the organisms that light up, just be sure to return the water once you have finished observing. The only disadvantage about this tour is that your typical camera phone will have a very difficult time capturing the amazement that you will experience. Professional photographers may have a better chance. So take in the moment while keeping your phone in a waterproof pocket. It is important to add that all guides were required to wear masks, as were the guests. We felt safe and comfortable the entire time. Visit BK Adventures for rates and different tours that are offered to meet all of your adventuring needs while visiting Titusville Florida.

What else is there to do?

Of course, Orlando Florida is only less than an hour from Titusville. But if staying close to the gorgeous nature and history of Titusville is what you want, there is plenty to keep your feet busy and your bellies full! Breakfast at the Sunrise Bread Company is ideal in town with Instagram-worthy wall murals on the building. Speaking of wall murals, there are several that you must enjoy on your walk through the town.

Brunch AND lunch are best done at Playalinda Brewing Company The Brix Project. (The Brix Project is just outside of the downtown area but offers a full and delicious food menu but the smaller branch, Playalinda Hardware Store in town, offers the same great beer options and is within walking distance of everything). The food at The Brix Project is phenomenal but they really shine with their beer menu. A great fall option is their pumpkin ale with a sweet and cinnamon taste to the rim. The key lime beer is served with the top third of the glass covered in whipped cream. Their Old Fashioned cocktails are served in an Edison style light bulb to preserve the smokey flavor of the bourbon just before pouring it over ice. The Brix Burger will make the top of the list but your appetizer must be the poutine. Brunch menus can change so be sure to follow their Instagram account for up to date news on what's new!

With multiple museums located downtown, as well as the Space View Park, you will leave educated and enlightened on so much. Be sure to visit the Infinite Mushroom Comic Book Shop for vintage comic books and Pokemon cards. Of course this stop was specifically made for Roman. MacSweets will satisfy all of the hankerings for sugar while walking through town so be sure to stop in for a sweet treat. Many local shops offer new and used, vintage and current finds. A short walk over a couple of streets, you will find beautiful views of the water. Some of these views can be taken in at multiple parks that even offer small playgrounds at some of them.

A short drive will lead you to the famous Kennedy Space Center for all of your space-loving, enthusiastic kiddos. But the space center, most definitely offers something for everyone in the family. As space is the home outside of our home, it is beyond exciting to have more insight about the life of astronauts and all astronomers who study our universe. Visit their site for ticket rates and Covid19 precautions that are being taken. Be sure to visit this link for an up to date plan for launches that you may get to observe during your visit.

Historic Titusville moves at a relaxing pace that offers so much education, nature, and comfort. Titusville offers you space and nature, two worlds in one. Everyone in your family will enjoy the beauty and fun that comes along with exploring this old town. Grab the fam, hop in the car, and take a weekend trip that will rejuvenate the mind and enrich the soul, making forever memories with the ones you love most.


The Adventurous Alfords

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