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Why Myrtle Beach is a family fun gem.

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Years of Myrtle

As you can see, Myrtle Beach is near and dear to our hearts. Over the years we've learned places to go and places to avoid. The boardwalk and Broadway are big tourist traps but they still have some gems to offer. But for starters, where do you stay?

PirateLand Family Camping Resort

There are so many fun and exciting places to stay at Myrtle Beach but if you have a camper, a camping tent or are open to a rental, this place is a MUST! Trust me when I say, this is a family friendly resort and your kids will constantly have fun. This resort has there its own private beach and a pool area complete with a pirate ship splash pad and lazy river. Snow cones, deep fried Oreos and ice cream, oh my! The spots for campers are divided into shaded tree area near pool and no shade area near the beach. With our kids, swimming pools are life so we have always chosen a spot near the pool in the shaded area. This makes for a much more enjoyable experience for the little ones when they want to eat outside and play near the camper.


Be sure to bring bicycles! The roads throughout the resort are nice to ride on in the evenings while you can take them down to the beach as well.


Do rent a golf cart!! I can not stress this! The resort does not allow you to bring your own and this place is big! You will want one to get around. Also bring some fun floats or decorations for your cart. At night they have unofficial golf cart parades and everyone shows off their unique styles through golf cart decor!


Do not bring your own golf cart. It is prohibited.

Our family photo for 2017

Not a camper? Not a problem.

Though camping in a camper is our choice, tents and campers are not for everyone. The unique thing about this resort is they also have vacation rentals that are unlike anything you have ever seen. Most of the rentals are old campers that have been made into semi permanent structures with add ons and eclectic small front yards. Some have there own outdoor entertaining spaces. Multiple spots will need to be rented for larger groups but the experience is so amazing. Every year we drive our golf cart through the rental neighborhood portion of the resort and it is definitely an experience. You are transported to a miniature world full of unique and beachy designs. A definite MUST. You also must know that the majority of these small homes are occupied by permanent residence so do not trespass and be very respectful of their privacy. Always check with the concierge about which homes are available for rent. The staff will most likely even give you a tour if you are planning a stay for another date and would like to book ahead. There are some rentals that are actually traditional style homes but on the smaller side, though they still sleep larger single families. Cabins in the shaded area are closer to the pool and are also an option. Take a look at

Enjoying one of the pools at the resort.

The two "B's"

There are two major tourist attraction areas at Myrtle Beach. One is the Boardwalk. This is a coney island style area with rides and fun wax museums and major chain restaurants. It is definitely a fun place to walk and buy souvenirs. If you are staying in this area, you will not run short of things to see and do. After a certain time at night, the area can be a little rough so be on guard and smart. This is part of why we usually stay somewhere further down the beach. Sometimes it can also be more pricey at the boardwalk. Helpful info here:

The other is Broadway. This is definitely a tourist trap. But some tourist traps can be fun. There is a section with rides, carnival style, so be prepared. Usually when the kids see this area, it may be hard to walk away. The rest is filled with shops and restaurants. You could spend most of a day here, so get your walking shoes on and have fun. Broadway is part of your Myrtle trip that needs to be budgeted for, definitely, so be prepared. See all attractions and happenings and restaurants here:

The beaches are nice but if you are staying in an area that has its own private beach, you will really get to relax and enjoy with minimal crowds. If you decide to go for a sunrise walk, be sure to keep a look out for turtle tracks. But be sure to stay far away from nests. If you go for a night walk on the beach, bring your flash lights and look for crabs that are enjoying the cool sand and moonlight. These two traditions were started by my kid's great grandfather and carried on by their grandmother. Its always a fun start and end to their beach stays.

Enjoying the splash pad at Pirateland Resort

There are two things that there will be no shortage of: Putt putt and all-you-can-eat crab legs buffets. It is so hart to choose which ones are the best. I, myself, have not even been able to try all of them, so by all means, if you know a better one, please tell me. But I have narrowed down my search to two buffets. So Seafood House Calabash Buffet was not my number one choice but the food was good. What puts it on the list is the live mermaids you get to interact with when you are there. This was complete magic to our kids. So it gets an A+ from me. The second was Captain George’s Seafood Restaurant. We got this recommendation from a local and it did not disappoint. The food and service was terrific and we will definitely eat there again next trip.

Putt putt was fun. Its a nice relaxing thing to do if you are beached and pool'd out. The Pirateland Resort has its own small course that was fun so we enjoyed it multiple times. The second place we chose was Cancun Lagoon Golf. We chose it based on the majority being indoors and it was HOT. We were able to order a couple of beers as well. The kids loved it due to the changes from dark hallways one minute to being outside on a cliff the next.

Pirateland Resort putt putt

Some of the images above are from Broadway but the Kenny Chesney look-alike was from a show called Legends. Call ahead for tickets to see famous tribute artist perform major hits of the past and present..

So there you have it. Our home away from home, Myrtle Beach. Your memories made will be treasured forever in this sweet place. Plan your trip and take the kids. You won't regret it.

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