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About Me

​I'm a stay at home mom that can't stay home for long. I'm married to a man that has a passion for seeing the world as much as I do and we are raising two little travelers the best we know how, outside of four walls.

I am an imperfect Christian that believes that Jesus' love should be shared and taught to everyone. He walks through this life with my family and I. Through him is how we accomplish everything we do. It's not always easy but if it were, everyone would do it. 

I have struggled with anxiety since I was a teenager. At 29, I finally got control of it and have never been happier in my life. Mental health is a huge concern in our country that does not get the attention it needs. Write you legislators about getting better mental health care coverage in our country! Your voice counts.

My husband and I have been married over a decade and have two beautiful children, Roman and Fallon. God truly blessed me with three of the best traveling buddies in the world. So come along with us and learn the tips and tricks of traveling on a budget and hopefully you can teach us a few things too!

Contact Me:

Email me for collaboration details. 


I am occasionally compensated for my reviews and writing. I will disclose this information in each blog post. All of my writing is of my own opinion. Unfortunately, not all experiences are the same for everyone but I will be glad to answer any questions that you may have to the best of my ability.

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