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Romantic Valentine's Day Getaways.

2020 is already gearing up to be an epic start into a new decade. Included in the awesomeness of the new decade is the fact that Valentines Day is on a Friday this year! So as Sinatra would say, "Pack a smaaaall bag..." and let's dive into the romance that some of these locations have to offer.

Savannah Georgia

NOTHING in the United States, in my humble opinion, is more romantic than my beautiful home. I am biased, I know, but I have walked, biked, ran, drove, skipped and toured just about every mile of this enchanted city and I will playfully argue anyone that disagrees. So let's start with the romance... There are dozens of choices for romantic dinners in Savannah. Two of my faves are Six Pence Pub and 39 Rue De Jean. That is only a peek into the amazing options for food that you will discover in the hostess city. Be sure to make reservations since Valentines Day is a busy night for restaurants. Also note that there are many fun rooftops in Savannah. The Lost Square is definitely one of my favorites due to its more rustic/modern mix of style and has the most cozy and intimate atmosphere. It's located at the top of the Alida hotel. Speaking of the Alida, they are hosting a fun Valentines Day party event this year. Visit for more info and ticket prices. Now, where to stay? There are budget friendly hotel options that can be found on Expedia, just be sure to check your map to insure your stay is close to downtown Savannah, near the historic district. But I am here to tell you that you absolutely MUST explore Airbnb for your Valentine's Day Savannah stay.

Diamond Oaks Treehouse Skylight Suite

FUN FACT: Many reputable writers have put together "Best Airbnb's in Georgia" articles that have been published in several media outlets and most of them are in... wait for it... Savannah!! The following options are the epitome of romance. I follow many seasoned travelers on Instagram who have stayed at the following linked Airbnb and it will be a stay that you will never forget. The magical atmosphere alone will steal your heart but with your host being a superhost on Airbnb, you can rest assured that your experience will be nothing short of fantastic! Cozy up in bed after a night out on the town and watch the stars through several skylights that are above you. Dream of candied hearts and cupids bow, then swoon over the beautiful light that the morning sun brings into this charming abode. For more information, visit

Though, you may not want to leave this romantic treehouse nestled within old oaks and spanish moss, its location gives you historical Savannah and all of its culinary happenings and tourism experiences nearby. A stroll after dinner around Forsyth park would be enough to warm any heart on Love Day so be sure to consider that as a free option. One of the Airbnb hosts, Chad, is said to have some more exciting listings in the next couple of weeks so be sure to message him for more info if interested.

For the adventurous couple looking for a quirky and unique stay, visit for romantic glamping at its finest. Also owned by a superhost and only a hop and a skip away (maybe a 15 minute drive) to the eclectic and fun, Tybee Island, your valentines day will be unforgettable! What says romance like an outdoor claw foot tub? A new word above glamping should be invented for this Airbnb. It is rugged with sophistication and gives you the beautiful outdoors as your backdrop. Visit for more information and other listings from this owner. Be sure to get reservations for a Valentine's Day dinner at Current, that is located nearby, for a foodie's idea of what's better than "chocolates and roses". Visit for their menu and location.

New York City

You heard me. The crazy fast paced, exciting and lit up city that never sleeps is actually a fun and amorous little couple's trip if you can find airline tickets at a good price. Shockingly, I found prices on a Thursday that were great deals from Savannah's international airport. Check out Expedia and try from your own location to see for yourself. At the time of my search (a couple of days ago) the following link for TWO travelers from SAV to NYC were less than $400 roundtrip*!

Once you are there, grab a slice of pizza and then head over to the Igloo Bar NYC for a rare experience of having drinks in a rooftop igloo! The igloos are shared with other patrons so if you are looking for a more private experience, take a Lyft, Uber or taxi to Serendipity 3 for delectable food and delicious desserts. If you want to really take the experience up a notch, order the world's most expensive grilled cheese paired with the world's most expensive milkshake! A little clue as to why its the most expensive: there is real karat gold involved. Though the Frozen Hot Chocolate should suffice (at a more budget friendly price), you can check out this video for more info about the Guinness World Record breaking grilled cheese and milkshake but be sure to make reservations now due to the ingredients needing to be pre-ordered!:

And of course, nothing is more romantic than a nezzled-up-together stroll through central park. Grab a hot drink, bring your warmest coats and hold each other's gloved up hands while getting lost together in a new and exciting place.

Asheville North Carolina

Oh Asheville, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways... The main tourist attraction in Asheville tends to be the Biltmore Estate amongst popular vote. I have to agree. Asheville can be romantic all on its own but add a gorgeous mansion (which is currently hosting a Downton Abbey exhibit thru March 2020) located near a winery and delicious food with spectacular views of the moores, it really is hard to beat. Here's what I'll do; let's make it a one stop shop for your beautifully planned, romantic Valentine's Day weekend. Food, wine and gardens? Insert heart eyes emoji. The Village Hotel at Biltmore Estate is a hotel that is located on the Biltmore property in close proximity to Antler Village and Winery. It includes your Biltmore Mansion admission, breakfast daily and an estate shuttle for your convenience. Rooms start at approximately $430 a night for valentines day weekend but with everything to do right at your fingertips, and all that is included, I'd say the price is well worth it.

Visit to book your stay while there is still availability for February 14th! Be sure to venture to downtown Asheville on your last day to do, what my husband and I like to call, a "food crawl". We order appetizers from one eatery, a meal from the next restaurant we stumble across, and then finish at a third for our dessert, all while shopping between each place. It really makes for a near perfect afternoon before headed back to the real world.

Napa Valley

"Oh, that's beyond my budget..." "Yeah, in my dreams..." "Maybe one day?" Stop right there... You can read my Napa post here to get inspired but let me start with this; flights to Napa (SFO airport) right now are actually not that bad! If flying from SAV, check this out:

For a little over a $1000, (when I checked last week) TWO people can fly roundtrip, stay at a hotel in Napa and have a rental car for the entire weekend*!!! That is amazing! Be sure to check it out and know that prices may change often. I love using Expedia because their site is very user friendly and makes it easy to add on things like airport shuttles, tours and other fun things. (Expedia is NOT endorsing this blog). Be mindful that this particular flight is to and from San Francisco airport only, but Napa is a quick 45 minute drive away and a car rental is included in this price. This will be an experience of a lifetime and well worth the quick trip, but it wouldn't hurt to stretch that trip a little longer, if you're able, and stay a day or two more. PRO TIP: If the Holiday Inn Express is still available, know that they do include breakfast which is one less expense to worry about while in Napa.

Atlanta Georgia

Atlanta is full of the most romantic settings that you and your special someone are looking for. But for a different kind of experience, I urge you to check out this Airbnb: With urban modern decor and Atlanta's best at your door, you'll surely fall in love with this "tiny house" in the big city.

Located near the trendy and entertaining, Ponce, get lost in this massive market of the latest and greatest shops and eateries. Don't forget to try the edible cookie dough at the Batter Cookie Dough Counter. Shop, get a haircut, eat, enjoy carnival style amusements at Skyline park and eat some more. This place is a never ending supply of a great time. Visit for a list of all there is to do and see... and eat. Don't miss it. Speaking of Ponce, stick around for dinner! Reserve a seat for two at 9 Mile Station for your romantical Valentine's Day evening. At $80 a person, enjoy a 5 course meal by executive chef, Jonathan McDowell. With outstanding views, the setting would be quite perfect for one to ask a very important question. No pressure, but love is in the air.


My husband and I have been camping together more times than I can remember but I know that as impossible as it may seem to us, every camping trip brings us even closer together than we were before. The only explanation is you are so close together, you can't help but communicate and that's what helps love grow, communication. February is cold in most places in the United States but if you're able to get to Florida, the weather is a lot better for camping during the winter months. There are some pretty incredible campgrounds that you can stay at and rent kayaks from. Drift down crystal clear springs and enjoy nature at its finest. Visit and explore their awesome website that offers links to reserve camping sites or cabins along with their kayak and canoe rental prices (that are fairly cheap, in my opinion) and they even give hotel recommendations that are nearby if you are less of a camper and are looking for something a bit more luxury. Bring a special gift and give it to your love under the Valentine stars with nature's music playing in the background.

*Again, all of these prices and locations are roughly broken down to give a small amount of inspiration for the traveler. The most up to date information is up to the traveler to confirm and decide upon. These tips and recommendations are all based on my own research that was done days before the publish of this blog. I was not paid or compensated in any way for anything mentioned in this blog post.

Are you feeling all lovey dovey? Are you feeling inspired? Wether you are a lover of travel and you are ready for your next adventure or you and your partner are looking to reignite a sleepy flame, take full advantage of the new decade's sweet calendar line up and book a romantic getaway that you and yours will never forget! Cheers!

“So this is love, so this is what makes life divine.” – Cinderella

The Adventurous Alfords

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