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A Corona-cation for the entire family.

It's maddening. It's actually devastating. Devastating? Yes. Absolutely devastating. Though some think that devastating is far too drastic of a word to use at this time, I have family being worked through their sanity in the healthcare system. I know businesses that have had to temporarily and permanently close their doors. I know grandparents who have yet to meet their grand-babies due to the timing of a baby's birth. I know people who are being laid off as we speak. Many are trying to figure out how to cut back for the next few months just to make ends meet. I am a woman of faith and I believe we will all get through this. I honestly believe we will all come out of this stronger than when we were blind sided by it. So I, the leader of The Adventurous Alfords, have created a vacation for you and your family to try in quarantine. Get ready for loads of fun and buckets of memories.

First you will need any of the following: A tent, a trampoline, or blankets and a table.

Option one; Set up a tent in the backyard. That's right, we are going camping. If you have a tent, chances are you have plenty of resources to complete an epic camping trip in your own backyard. Get the fire pit ready and grab those flashlights. Got a telescope? Pull that out too! Raid your quarantine snack stash and head outdoors. You can also take it up a notch and bring a small TV to your tent and watch a movie under the stars. The kids will completely light up at the opportunity to camp out with the luxuries of home just a few steps away.

**Don't forget, if it's raining, you can pop your tent under shelter such as a covered porch or even rearrange your furniture to set up an inside camping experience! (See photo slides above for examples)

No tent? No problem.

Option two, trampoline: If you have a trampoline, grab your blankets and pillows and head outside. Get cuddled up and comfy-cozy on your trampoline with your family and get ready to stargaze. See the following website for an amazing star-gazing guide to your night outside with the kids (with or without the trampoline). And don't forget that a dinner picnic under the stars is fantastic fun as well!

Hotel Home.

If you have a table and some blankets, you have a kid's hotel. Throw blankets over a table and make a pallet underneath. A fun bonus is to place a chocolate on their pillow. The kids can go explore the house or the outdoors for the evening and then they can check into their hotel before bedtime. Make sure your set up is near a tv and offer a featured film complementary of their stay, of course. Be sure the guests show a valid i.d. and major credit card to keep on file, which is required for check in. Wink, wink.

Drape a blanket over the table for more privacy. :)

What to do?

*For camping or just for some outdoor fun, the following links have an awesome list of campfire games that require nothing but yourself. They also categorize the games for adults, kids, and the family as a whole.

*If you have some recourses, such as a watermelon, golf balls, cards and cans, then this website is great for minute to win it games you can do from sun up to sun down.

*I don't know about you but I always have a stock pile of glow sticks. They are so cheap at the dollar store so I tend to buy them throughout the year. If you do this as well, visit for glow stick games to play at night.

*The following is a link to a list of games for kids that only require a flashlight. Check it out!

***Don't forget bug spray and sunscreen when playing outside!

That's it folks! Have fun, stay safe and healthy, and enjoy the time you have anyway you can. Please comment below any other ideas you may have that our readers can enjoy during this strange season. Peace and love! Cheers!

The Adventurous Alfords

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