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2022 Summer Essentials

Keychain Ponchos

These are so fun to keep in your summer bag. But the afternoon downpours can happen as early as spring, so consider attaching these to your kiddos backpacks for the last few weeks of school so that they aren't coming home wet and miserable. Keeping some in the car on your adventures wouldn't be a bad idea either.

Collapsible Beach Pails

Save space in your beach tote, by purchasing a set of collapsible beach pails! Genius.

Straw Hats

This will forever be on my list of essentials for summertime. We rarely walk outside without one. Support this small business when ordering yours, a trusted company with outstanding quality. Get more for your money when you order the hat that allows for customization that can represent your own business. Advertise in style wherever you go!


There are two sunblocks that our crew loves: Coppertone Sport Clear and Supergoop

Though the Supergoop brand is a bit pricey, Kroger does offer it's own generic brand. Always consult with your family's physicians when switching sunblocks.

The Perfect Picnic

Be sure that you have a great cooler back pack loaded with your favorite snacks and drinks. This one holds 24 cans. OR click the image below for this rolling cooler that doubles as your speakers!

Canned Wine

Yes! I said it. CANNED wine. Stop lugging those big awkward glass bottles everywhere. Buy Maker Wine online and have it delivered to your front door all summer long. Subscribe and save or order as needed. But be sure to order enough to keep your summer coolers stocked and enjoy high quality wine that can be taken just about anywhere.

The Ultimate Pool Float

Pool floats are always a necessity but everyone knows how aggravating it is to be in the middle of the pool and struggling to get to the side or steps without full accidental submersion, amiright? Enter the most fantastic float on the market that is already in my own backyard awaiting the warm summer temps. Click image below to order yours!

Backyard Movie Night:

Nothing beats a movie in your backyard under the stars. Depending on where you live, I know that the mosquitoes can be a little bit of a bummer, but call your "bug person" and ask for a price for getting your backyard sprayed. Ours uses a bee friendly solution that keeps the mosquitos away at a really great price! Once you have the pesky mosquitoes taken care of, look into purchasing a projector and screen for your backyard this summer. It has been one of the best outdoor products that we have definitely used often. This one comes with a screen AND projector at a great price but this particular projector screen is the type that needs to be hung. If you have a bigger budget, I highly recommend getting one that stands on its own.

A slim liquid container:

Ok this one may seem a bit odd, but the slimness of its shape, makes it great for a cooler on trips. Fill it with water OR fill it with margaritas and share with friends throughout your day. The tap makes it super convenient and thanks to its shape, it fits nicely in your rolling cooler without taking up too much space. Margaritas... I mean, water for everyone!

Car organizer for road trips!

This is such an underrated thing that helps keep mamma anxiety low on those long road trips. Invest in some waterproof trash cans, like this one, or an organizer that gets some of those belongings up off the floor of your car and still within arms reach like this one. Store them in your trunk when you don't need them and pull them out when you do and thank me later.

Beach chairs:

Nothing beats a Tommy Bahama beach chair that has a small cooler bag on the side. But if you're more of a lie down and sleep beachgoer, consider this chair that comes with its own small shade-provider to protect that face!

I hope you enjoyed this summer essential list. Please see last year's list for even more essentials that will make this summer a fantastic one!


The Adventurous Alfords

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