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Summer Essentials For Travel

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Don't worry; no long-winded writing here. Just a compiled list of The Adventurous Alfords' essentials for summer when we are out adventuring! Cheers!

A straw, wide brim hat:

There are hundreds of these hats on every part of the price spectrum. So lets go with quality, durability, and style for a great price. Savannah Moss Co. offers a stylish AND affordable straw hat that will protect your face and neck from harmful UV rays. Paired with sunscreen, this style hat is imperative to our family when traveling. We will turn the car around if we forget it, HA! Maybe not, but it is sooooo important.

Liquid IV:

Depending on where you are headed, heat can ruin a trip quickly. It can cause dehydration, even when you don't feel that hot. It is so important to stay hydrated. I have become dehydrated on two different trips and one of those trips I had Liquid IV, thanks to a friend, and the other I did not. The trip that I had the Liquid IV on was saved after one drink. I felt 100 times better within 30 minutes of drinking one of those. Consult with your doctor before trying.

A durable and long lasting beach bag:

You've seen em', you've heard of em'... The Bogg Bags. I must be honest and tell you, I was not crazy about the look at first but having a bag that can be hosed off at the end of a beach day or just wiped clean, is huge! And with growing popularity, there are Bogg Bag accessories to personalize your bag for a cuter look. Don't forget the waterproof inserts for items that need to stay dry. The shell itself is great and easily wipes clean but it's the inserts that keep your belongings dry. I have compared pricing to the Bogg Bags sold on different sites and the best prices I have found are on the actual Bogg Bag website. You can also check consignment sites for a used bag if you are trying to save money.

All in one sleep sack for kids:

A lot of summer vacations consist of visiting family members at their home. It can also consist of camping, small hotel rooms, and even fun backyard stargazing moments. A sleeping bag that includes a pillow, that is also capable of zipping up into one compact item, can be a life saver for the little ones. No need to worry about linens and extra pillows and cases, just grab and go. I love this one at Target.

A Sand Cloud Towel:

We have multiple Sand Clouds in our house. Credit goes to my sister in law who bought me our first one. Sand does NOT stick to this towel and they are oversized to feel more like a dry thin blanket. And there is nothing better than that combo after a dip in the ocean. Your purchase also contributes to ocean conservation (SO important to our family, but specifically to our little marine biologists in training, Roman and Fallon). You can read more about that here.

A Water Resistant Speaker:

I have shared Wonderboom on previous lists and it's because of its small size and loud quality sound. It is a great gift for anyone and fits in just about every beach/pool bag.


When it comes to sunscreen, it is best that you do your own research and also consult your dermatologist. I try to stay away from sunscreen that has Octinoxate, Oxybenzone, and parabens. I also try to stick with reef conscious options. Supergoop is a fantastic option that I just recently switched to. But it is pricey. VERY. But thanks to @SamanthainSavannah on Instagram, I found out that Kroger offers their own brand of the sunscreen that is comparable. They even put the the comparison on their label!

Sandals With Straps:

Soggy sneakers are miserable so if you are doing anything that does not require them, invest in a good pair of strappy sandals that won't slide off and that have a rugged and durable bottom. Teva's are fantastic for this. They come in all sizes and colors. Grab a pair and go on an adventure in absolute comfort.

Cocktails that stick with your diet!

Ok so we all know vacation cocktails are loaded with sugar and usually end up sabotaging all of our hard work that got us vacation ready. But bringing your own concoctions is not practical. Bring Skinnies cocktail mixers in your purse, beach bag, or even in you pocket! Order your liquor with club soda on the rocks (with or without a tiny umbrella) and add your on mix for zero calories, low carbs, and zero sugar!

I hope you all are enjoying your summer! And always be sure to make some time for an adventure or two. Cheers!

The Adventurous Alfords

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